#100homeeddays Days 12-18

#100homeeddays a snapshot into our home educating life. I have fallen a bit behind with my updates, life just gets so busy at times! I'M going to do this update in 2 posts so it isn't  soon long! Day 12 saw us having some sensory play with neon rice, scpop img,  pouring and using fingers... Continue Reading →

A week of trains

Last week was a very train themed one.  Seb requested a trip to the National Railway Museum in York and we thought, why not? Both of my boys love trains, our wooden trainset is out most days and we have quite a big collection of it. Alex has an attraction to Thomas the Tank Engine,... Continue Reading →

School applications are closing

School applications are closing in our area this week. It has been playing on my mind recently as I knew that the date was coming up and despite having decided to home educate and being excited about that, I still feel strange and almost like I am doing something wrong in not applying. We haven't... Continue Reading →

#100homeeddays days 9-11

#100homeeddays a snapshot into our home ed life On Friday after a late breakfast and some flapjack making the boys have free reign over their play for the rest of the day. Pretty much every type of toy got used, they spent ages with the peg board, Seb using them for their proper purpose and... Continue Reading →

#100homeeddays Days 5-8

Here area few snapshots from this week showing our home ed life. Day 5, we baked some honey and cinnamon buns together.  Day 6, was a trip to The National Railway Museum, I will do a separate post about our daynas we learnt so much!  Day 7, the boys spent the date with their grandparents,... Continue Reading →

#100homeeddays Day 3 and 4

Two snapshots from over the weekend for days 3 and 4 of our #100homeeddays challange. First up on Saturday is a shot of Seb weighing some veg in the supermarket. We were making soup, so he chose the veg to use, picked it, weighed it and helped prepare it(and eat it) Sunday was a lazy... Continue Reading →

#100homeeddays Day 2

Day 2 of our #100homeeddays challenge,  a snapshot into our days as home ed Choo, Choo! Today after breakfast it was all about the trains.  All this track building made me realise that we long  are overdue a trip to the National Railway Museum, so we checked out the website and booked train tickets to... Continue Reading →

#100homeeddays Day 1

It's New Years Day and day 1 of our #100homeddays challenge. A snapshot of what we'be been upto. We spent the morning making up a new zoo puzzle that I picked up in the post Christmas sales. Puzzles are always popular in this house,  and I love these sorts of puzzles that are really busy... Continue Reading →

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