Not Back To School 2020

This week and next, home educators are celebrating Not Back To School. I can hardly believe that we are beginning our sixth year of home education, it seems like only yesterday that we decided to take this route.

Adjusting to a New Normal

The whole country is adjusting to a new normal this week. Whatever your circumstances life will have changed and everything feels a little out of sorts.

Many people seem to think that this isn’t a big change for home educators but it really is! We are so used to being able to head out whenever we fancy,  be it a simple walk or heading off on holiday with no constraints.

Home Educating During a Pandemic

My advice is to simply do any work sent home by the school and then relax. Bake, play board games, plant some seeds, encourage reading, paint, let them play on the iPad, let them be bored a little, you don’t need to create some kind of school with lessons at home, there is a reason the majority of home educators don’t work that way

Why we have chosen to home educate

I find it hard to sum up exactly why we have chosen to go down this route, as there isn't one glaring reason for us. I have stayed at home with my children since they were born, although I appreciate this isn't for everyone(through choice or circumstance), I really enjoy spending this precious time with them... Continue Reading →

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