#100homeeddays Days 12-18

#100homeeddays a snapshot into our home educating life. I have fallen a bit behind with my updates, life just gets so busy at times! I’M going to do this update in 2 posts so it isn’t  soon long!

Day 12 saw us having some sensory play with neon rice, scpop img,  pouring and using fingers to form letters  in the rice. neon rice

Day 13 doesn’t  really need explaining! One of the great things about having the boys with me is that we can go to the park when the sun decides to shine and everyone else is in school. home ed

Day 14 was very exciting as we had some snow! The boys also went swimming with their grandparent and spent the day with them. #100homeeddays sjow

Day 15 we experimented with water. Colouring it, freezing it, letting it melt and the heating it to make steam. #100homeeddays

Day 16 we had a busy morning baking and making snowman from snow dough #100homeddays


Day 17 and 18 were spent making a  paper mache igloo #100homeeddays


A week of trains

Last week was a very train themed one.  Seb requested a trip to the National Railway Museum in York and we thought, why not?

Both of my boys love trains, our wooden trainset is out most days and we have quite a big collection of it. Alex has an attraction to Thomas the Tank Engine, he always homes in on the toys when out and wants to read the books daily.

We got the train into York and that was an adventure in itself, as Seb has only been on a train once before and Alex has never been on one before. They were excited about everything, the station, the buying tickets and waving at people while we waited on the platform. As an adult we don’t take much notice when travelling but looking through a child’s eyes it can be the most exciting thing ever!

We got onto the train and they loved watching out of the windows and going through the tunnels(there is a long one just outside of Leeds).

The National Railway Museum is right by the train station so we walked over and were immersed straight into a train lovers dream. We started with the royal trains which are always interesting, Seb was quite taken with the idea of bathrooms and bedrooms on a train and then we saw the mail train which you can look inside. royal train national railway museum

mail train national railway museumThen we moved into the main hall which is huge. We got there just in time to seen a demonstration of the huge turntable which was pretty cool to see. turntable national railway museumThe trains in the hall dwarfed us and it was fun looking at the trains of different ages and from different countries. Seb was particularly excited to see the Japanese bullet train  which we were able to go inside of as we recently did a mini project about Japan. bullet train national railway museum

Chinese train national railway museumAlex loved the model trains and we watched them for ages  before heading to the indoor play area.model trainsThere is so much more to see at the museum than I have shown here, it is well worth a visit.

I wanted to extend on our trip to the museum so downloaded the train station role play pack from Twinkl and set it up in our living room and we have been playing with it ever since. Not only it isis fun to role play but Seb was looking at times, money and some UK Geography as we were taking about places we could buy tickets to. #100homeeddays role play

twinkl play train tickets

twinkl train station role playWe even did some train themed addition worksheets(also from Twinkl). As you can see there has been a lot of train love and I’m sure it is a topic we will revisit in more depth at a later date.

**The Twinkl resources were part of a review I wrote on my other blog They Grow So Quick **

School applications are closing

school applications are closingSchool applications are closing in our area this week. It has been playing on my mind recently as I knew that the date was coming up and despite having decided to home educate and being excited about that, I still feel strange and almost like I am doing something wrong in not applying. We haven’t even been to look around local schools, maybe I should have done.

Home educating is a huge decision, taking sole charge for your childs education is a huge responsibilty. Most of the time I am confident in my ability to do this after all we’ve managed pretty well so far  but sometimes I worry if I will be ‘good enough’ whatever that means or if he will learn enough or fall behind.

Sometimes I wonder how Seb will feel about the choice I have made for him in years to come, Will he think he missed out on nursery and school? Will he think i was selfish for keeping him at home? Or will he be glad we chose this path? Happy to have had freedom in his education? I have spoken to him about school, explained that there playtimes and lesson times and he has seen a programme they show on cbeebies about starting school which makes it look like the best thing ever but when asked he said that he wants to stay at home and learn with mummy, Though having always been at home, I do wonder how much he really understands.

Come September when his peers are putting on their uniforms and going off to reception class for 5 full days a week, not much will change for us. We already do lots of learning at home(mostly through play), we will carry on visiting the library and museums and meeting up with other local home edding families. A nice relaxed start to official home education.

#100homeeddays days 9-11

#100homeeddays a snapshot into our home ed life

On Friday after a late breakfast and some flapjack making the boys have free reign over their play for the rest of the day. Pretty much every type of toy got used, they spent ages with the peg board, Seb using them for their proper purpose and me and Alex were looking at the peg colours.#100homeeddays

Day 10 was Saturday and in the afternoon we braved the wind and went to a local park. It was surprisingly busy despite the ice cold temperatures and a snow shower!

#100homeedays parkDay 11 was pretty much a day of housework while the boys played though we did find time for a couple of addition worksheets. train addition


#100homeeddays Days 5-8

Here area few snapshots from this week showing our home ed life.

Day 5, we baked some honey and cinnamon buns together. #100homeeddays baking

Day 6, was a trip to The National Railway Museum, I will do a separate post about our daynas we learnt so much! #100homeeddays railway museum

Day 7, the boys spent the date with their grandparents, still time for some reading when they came home though! #100homeeddays reading

Day 8, role play! Following on from our trip I set up a train station role play. Again I will do a separate post with more information on this. #100homeeddays role playI am really enjoying doing #100homeeddays although it is just a snapshot of each day it shows anyone can home educate.

#100homeeddays Day 3 and 4

Two snapshots from over the weekend for days 3 and 4 of our #100homeeddays challange.

First up on Saturday is a shot of Seb weighing some veg in the supermarket. We were making soup, so he chose the veg to use, picked it, weighed it and helped prepare it(and eat it)

#100homeeddays weighing veg

Sunday was a lazy day as both boys had been up in the night. We got these Connecta Straws at Christmas and they have become a favourite already. We made shapes in 2D and 3D.

#100homeeddays connecta straws

#100homeeddays Day 2

Day 2 of our #100homeeddays challenge,  a snapshot into our days as home ed

Choo, Choo! Today after breakfast it was all about the trains. #100homeeddays trains

All this track building made me realise that we long  are overdue a trip to the National Railway Museum, so we checked out the website and booked train tickets to go next week.