Why we have chosen to home educate

I find it hard to sum up exactly why we have chosen to go down this route, as there isn’t one glaring reason for us. 
I have stayed at home with my children since they were born, although I appreciate this isn’t for everyone(through choice or circumstance), I really enjoy spending this precious time with them and although there are stressful days, there are far more laughter filled ones. Watching them learn and question things is amazing and being a part of that is a pretty special experience. They either have my attention one on one, or one on two for however long they need it which is something that simply couldn’t happen in a nursery or school environment.

I personally feel that children start formal education too soon in this country. Yes reception is currently play based but this is seemingly changing what with the changes to the National Curriculum, the much opposed baseline testing when most children in the class will be just 4 years old(not even of legal school age)makes me feel very uncomfortable.

 I also love the flexibility we currently have, we can head out to the park or to a museum on a Tuesday afternoon if we feel like it, we can head off somewhere for a couple of nights without worrying about missing anything at nursery or fines from the school.

I guess to sum it up, home education simply feels like a natural progression for our family. The plan is to be flexible, if we feel at any point that school would be a better option then so be it. From lots of reading I have found that once your child is in the system it is harder to take them out of it so we have chosen to try home education first.

I would love to hear why other people have chosen(or not chosen) to home educate. Feel free to comment here or email me at theygrowsoquick @gmail.com


6 thoughts on “Why we have chosen to home educate

  1. Fab post. I am home educating my 9 year old son due to him being bullied for the past 5 years. The school have not shown and action in resolving it and it's been a nightmare. My son also seems to be dyslexic like myself which I asked to be looked into. Instead they left him and he produced minimal work in school that they blamed on laziness


  2. Hi, nice post! We home educate as my eldest daughter just didn't fit in with school: the pace, the size of class, the disruption etc all meant she was one over-stimulated, angry and sad little girl by the end of the day. She just about finished year 1 and we've been home educating for a year now – never looked back!


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