Family matters

Telling your family your plans to home educate can be daunting. 
No matter how happy you are with your decison think it’s natural to be slightly anxious what others may think of your choices.
My parents have known for a while that it is something i am keen to do and i regularly talk about it with my mum in particular, she thinks that it’s a great idea, and her having that faith in me is a real boost to my confidence that i can actually do this!
This week Phil has told his parents. He had been putting it off but the inevitable questions about Seb and nursery coming, it was time to speak to them. I think he was worried that his parents would react negatively as lets face it, it’s quite an unusual choice but in fact they were pretty interested and supportive.
Of course both sets of parents have the usual questions regarding socialisation, but as i have been thorough in my research, i can answer those concerns easily enough. 
I have read people saying many times that it’s your child and your choice, which of course ultimately it is but for us support from our families are important. They are huge influences in our childrens lives and have alot of knowledge and skills that they can pass on and be part of the boys educations so i feel a huge relief that wer are lucky enough to be supported. 
It feels like by telling them we have reached a pretty big milestone on our journey.

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