#100homeeddays Day 1

It’s New Years Day and day 1 of our #100homeddays challenge. A snapshot of what we’be been upto.

We spent the morning making up a new zoo puzzle that I picked up in the post Christmas sales. Puzzles are always popular in this house,  and I love these sorts of puzzles that are really busy so give us lots of talk about and find.

#100homeeddays zoo puzzle#100homeeddays zoo puzzleWe also had some more simple puzzles out for Alex. 20150101_101827Come back tomorrow for day 2!




3 thoughts on “#100homeeddays Day 1

  1. Hi Emma. Good to read your first post, I’m a stay at home single mum of a nearly 2.5 year old daughter and 17 month old son. My daughter goes to pre school 6-8 hours a week and adores it, and my son will be offered the chance if he wants to go when he turns two. However, once they reach 4/the age when most children are beginning school these days I aim to home educate and child mind at the same time 🙂
    Will be reading your blog for ideas and motivation!


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