#100homeeddays Days 12-18

#100homeeddays a snapshot into our home educating life. I have fallen a bit behind with my updates, life just gets so busy at times! I’M going to do this update in 2 posts so it isn’t  soon long!

Day 12 saw us having some sensory play with neon rice, scpop img,  pouring and using fingers to form letters  in the rice. neon rice

Day 13 doesn’t  really need explaining! One of the great things about having the boys with me is that we can go to the park when the sun decides to shine and everyone else is in school. home ed

Day 14 was very exciting as we had some snow! The boys also went swimming with their grandparent and spent the day with them. #100homeeddays sjow

Day 15 we experimented with water. Colouring it, freezing it, letting it melt and the heating it to make steam. #100homeeddays

Day 16 we had a busy morning baking and making snowman from snow dough #100homeddays


Day 17 and 18 were spent making a  paper mache igloo #100homeeddays


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