#100homeeddays Day 1

It’s New Years Day and day 1 of our #100homeddays challenge. A snapshot of what we’be been upto.

We spent the morning making up a new zoo puzzle that I picked up in the post Christmas sales. Puzzles are always popular in this house,  and I love these sorts of puzzles that are really busy so give us lots of talk about and find.

#100homeeddays zoo puzzle#100homeeddays zoo puzzleWe also had some more simple puzzles out for Alex. 20150101_101827Come back tomorrow for day 2!



Happy New Year!


I have been terrible and not used this blog in months, however 2015 is a big year for us in terms of home ed. September will be the month that Seb would have been starting school, so it is all feeling very real now and I am hoping I can provide what he needs at home.

I still haven’t applied for a school place(the applications close soon) and have no intention to do so.

I hope to get our home ed journey off to a really good start and to use this blog to document it. I am starting the year by taking part in #100homeeddays so will be updating regularly with what we have been doing and learning,

A sunny day on the swings

This week we  went to another home edders meet. This time at The Orangery in Wakefield which is a lovely spot for anyone to visit. 
I had visited before for a baby rave and art sessions and thought it was the perfect place for a home edders meet especially the gorgeous gardens which currently host a fab interactive art installation called Swing it. I emailed with a lovely lady who works there(all the staff are lovely) and we arranged for a home ed meet for Heritage Day. 
I was so worried that the weather would be bad or that nobody would come but we had a gorgeous day and lots of people came along, in fact i ran out of activity books amd pencils to give out! Everyone seemed to have a lovely time, the children thoroughly enjoyed the swings and many stayed longer than the hour we had originally planned. 

I look forward to arranging another meet there soon 🙂

Our first home edders group

On Friday Seb and I went along to our first ever home ed group.
Although Seb would still only be at preschool I want to get involved with local home ed groups now so that we can meet others and see what is going on in our area. The group was a new one set up by the lovely Diane from Mamas World
I was pretty nervous beforehand, I can be quite shy and it is always daunting meeting with a group of strangers!
I shouldn’t have worried, the group was very busy and full of friendly faces. I chatted to various people both new to home ed and those who are more experienced. It was lovely to find people who live very locally to us. There were children of all ages and they all mingled together which was great to see. 
The group went so went that it  is going to be running every other week and we will definitely be going along. 
This week I have arranged another meet in a different location, hopefully that goes well too! 

Our alternative back to school pictures

So yesterday was the day that most local nursery’s and schools started the new academic year and of course everyone is sharing photos of their children grinning in their new uniform which I love seeing.  
We celebrated not going back to nursery by heading to a local park with a picnic. Luckily it was a beautiful day and so after eating we explored the park, looking at fallen trees and finding a den before getting up close to the ducks and geese. I took lots of photos and I just love how happy and relaxed the boys look in them.

After the park we popped into town and ended up buying some new books to read before heading back home.

To apply for a school place or not?

Today is the day when I am able to apply for a school place for Seb to start reception in 2015. Actually according to an advert by  our local council I must apply for a place(not true). 
I have been thinking about it a lot today, it’s been all over my Facebook and Twitter feed.  
Should I apply just in case? Am I depriving him by not even trying school or nursery first? 
I’ve been on the councils website, read the applications information and promptly clicked off of it again. We are most definitely not applying, Why would we? I want to stay under the radar for a while if possible and applying will stop that from happening. 
This feels like the most rebellious thing I have ever done, it gives me a thrill, I am excited for our future, for all the fun and adventures we can have. While everyone else is buying uniform, adding name labels and setting their alarms; we can do reading in our pyjamas or head out to hunt for bugs in the woods. I know which option I prefer.