#100homeeddays Days 5-8

Here area few snapshots from this week showing our home ed life.

Day 5, we baked some honey and cinnamon buns together. #100homeeddays baking

Day 6, was a trip to The National Railway Museum, I will do a separate post about our daynas we learnt so much! #100homeeddays railway museum

Day 7, the boys spent the date with their grandparents, still time for some reading when they came home though! #100homeeddays reading

Day 8, role play! Following on from our trip I set up a train station role play. Again I will do a separate post with more information on this. #100homeeddays role playI am really enjoying doing #100homeeddays although it is just a snapshot of each day it shows anyone can home educate.


#100homeeddays Day 3 and 4

Two snapshots from over the weekend for days 3 and 4 of our #100homeeddays challange.

First up on Saturday is a shot of Seb weighing some veg in the supermarket. We were making soup, so he chose the veg to use, picked it, weighed it and helped prepare it(and eat it)

#100homeeddays weighing veg

Sunday was a lazy day as both boys had been up in the night. We got these Connecta Straws at Christmas and they have become a favourite already. We made shapes in 2D and 3D.

#100homeeddays connecta straws