School applications are closing

school applications are closingSchool applications are closing in our area this week. It has been playing on my mind recently as I knew that the date was coming up and despite having decided to home educate and being excited about that, I still feel strange and almost like I am doing something wrong in not applying. We haven’t even been to look around local schools, maybe I should have done.

Home educating is a huge decision, taking sole charge for your childs education is a huge responsibilty. Most of the time I am confident in my ability to do this after all we’ve managed pretty well so far ┬ábut sometimes I worry if I will be ‘good enough’ whatever that means or if he will learn enough or fall behind.

Sometimes I wonder how Seb will feel about the choice I have made for him in years to come, Will he think he missed out on nursery and school? Will he think i was selfish for keeping him at home? Or will he be glad we chose this path? Happy to have had freedom in his education? I have spoken to him about school, explained that there playtimes and lesson times and he has seen a programme they show on cbeebies about starting school which makes it look like the best thing ever but when asked he said that he wants to stay at home and learn with mummy, Though having always been at home, I do wonder how much he really understands.

Come September when his peers are putting on their uniforms and going off to reception class for 5 full days a week, not much will change for us. We already do lots of learning at home(mostly through play), we will carry on visiting the library and museums and meeting up with other local home edding families. A nice relaxed start to official home education.


Happy New Year!


I have been terrible and not used this blog in months, however 2015 is a big year for us in terms of home ed. September will be the month that Seb would have been starting school, so it is all feeling very real now and I am hoping I can provide what he needs at home.

I still haven’t applied for a school place(the applications close soon) and have no intention to do so.

I hope to get our home ed journey off to a really good start and to use this blog to document it. I am starting the year by taking part in #100homeeddays so will be updating regularly with what we have been doing and learning,